EDGE 2024 Conference: Mike Conover's Take on AI in Wealth Management

May 31, 2024
EDGE 2024 Conference: Mike Conover's Take on AI in Wealth Management
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From May 13 to May 16, 2024, more than 1,500 senior wealth management decision-makers gathered at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida, for the Wealth Management EDGE Conference. This annual event, renowned for its focus on investment strategies, technology and practice management, is a hub for innovative ideas and growth in the financial sector.

Breaking Down AI's Role in Wealth Management

A highlight of this year's conference was Mike Conover, co-founder and CEO of Brightwave, who delivered the AI Assembly Keynote Address. Mike discussed the transformative impact of large language models (LLMs) in wealth management, describing these AI systems as "partners in thought" that augment human capabilities and enhance workflow efficiencies as well as client satisfaction on a broad scale. By automating routine tasks, LLMs free up wealth managers to focus on higher-value, client-centric activities.

"With AI, you have the ability to scale high-quality customer experiences by leading with tailored insights," he explained. 

Practical Applications of AI in Financial Analysis

Mike illustrated how generative AI automates the analysis of complex datasets, predicting outcomes from observed data. He addressed a common challenge with earlier AI models — their tendency to generate incorrect or irrelevant content. To mitigate this, Brightwave employs Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), an AI technique that pulls in relevant information from multiple sources, such as SEC filings or market news. This approach not only ensures accuracy but also provides grounded, factual insights that enhance the reliability of AI-generated content.

This ability to quickly and accurately interpret complex market data allows wealth managers to save time, proactively meet client needs and adapt strategies, thereby enhancing client trust and investment performance. With the support of AI, you can tailor your investment strategies to current market conditions, anticipate market trends and offer personalized, data-backed investment advice.

AI: A Tool for Human Empowerment, Not Replacement

Mike was eager to dispel myths about AI, emphasizing that it complements rather than replaces human intelligence. "Technology enables humans to concentrate on what they do best," he explained. In wealth management, AI tools like Brightwave handle time-consuming research tasks, processing large quantities of data in minutes that would take humans hours to do otherwise. This frees advisors to focus on more impactful work and significantly reduces the time involved in manual research on behalf of clients and prospects.

With the lower expenses associated with data analysis, wealth management firms can allocate resources more strategically. Advisors can engage more deeply with their clients' financial goals and personal values, delivering exceptional, data-driven client service while fostering stronger, more insightful client relationships.

The Road Ahead: Brightwave's Vision

At Wealth Management EDGE 2024, it was clear that the future of wealth management is inseparable from AI advancements. By pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve, Brightwave aims to equip financial professionals with tools that are not only powerful but also intuitive and easy to integrate into their daily operations.

If you're ready to see firsthand how our AI-powered solutions can streamline your operations, deepen your market insights and elevate your client service, we invite you to schedule a demo. Discover how Brightwave can empower you to lead in the evolving world of wealth management.

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