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With Brightwave, anyone can have a personal AI assistant that does the work of an entire team of analysts.

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Accomplish More, Faster

Cut through the clutter with Brightwave. Our AI-driven platform transforms the way financial professionals handle information, enabling you to produce quality analyses at unprecedented speeds. Say goodbye to endless hours of data sifting — Brightwave brings clarity, speed and scale to your financial research, letting you focus on what matters most: making strategic decisions with confidence and deepening client relationships.

Connect the Dots Others Miss

Our advanced search algorithms tap into a vast array of trusted sources — from breaking news and industry publications to filings, transcripts and your own internal documents. Brightwave’s unique reasoning engine sifts through these millions of data points to produce insights with a comprehensive, real-time view of global markets.

Lead with a Sophisticated View

Brightwave's AI does more than gather information — it comprehends and contextualizes it. By identifying underlying patterns and forecasting trends, it provides insights at scale with the same depth and nuance as a human analyst.

Produce Original Content on Demand

Client communications, investment memos, marketing materials and more, Brightwave’s unique reasoning capabilities make it easy to produce high quality original writing that reads like it was written by a top-flight Wall Street analyst.

Deepen & Refine Your Understanding

Brightwave goes beyond answering your questions — it generates new ones. By suggesting new angles and follow-up queries for ongoing discovery, Brightwave ensures that you're not just keeping pace with the market; you're setting the pace.

Put Breaking News in Context

Make informed decisions, even in dynamic markets. Our AI continuously monitors the internet in real time, drawing insights from the latest news to help you navigate complex geopolitical and macroeconomic changes with confidence.

Go Way Beyond Chat

With Brightwave, chat is just the beginning. When you ask Brightwave a question, it doesn’t just search documents for answers. Instead, Brightwave synthesizes millions of pieces of content — text, tables, images, audio — to produce original insights, delivered as interactive, dynamic reports.


Millions of High Quality Sources

Brightwave draws from an expansive library of content that covers everything from SEC filings and earnings call transcripts to sell-side analysis and the internal knowledge base content. Our AI is constantly crawling the internet for the latest news and updates, ensuring that every piece of analysis is based on the most relevant and authoritative information available.


Insights You Can Trust — And Verify

Brightwave upholds the highest standards of transparency and reliability by providing sentence-level attribution for every insight. Each analysis is linked to its primary source, ensuring you can easily trace and confirm its origin. With Brightwave, you gain not just insights but the confidence to act on them, knowing they are grounded in accurate, up-to-date information.


A Comprehensive Toolbox of Analytical Frameworks

Brightwave equips you with a robust set of analytical tools designed to tackle complex financial scenarios. From risk assessment and thesis generation to automated competitive landscape surveys and macro commentary, our platform supports a range of powerful financial analyses to deepen your understanding of the market.


Dive Deeper with Dynamic, Interactive Reports

As you interact with a Brightwave report, it adapts and updates, incorporating your insights and responding to your queries to become a living document that continually refines its own analysis. The Brightwave Action Panel enables you to drill down into data, pose new questions and explore the deeper implications of your findings.


Financial Advisor & CFA, $30B AUM RIA

I’ve been using Brightwave for 3 months and it’s an incredible product for my practice. It’s the first place I turn to deepen my understanding on sectors and specific companies. It’s been extremely beneficial in my conversations with clients.

Managing Director, $1B AUM Private Credit Fund

Brightwave's technology signifies a groundbreaking development in financial research—what the team has developed is unrivaled. We are continually astonished by the wide array of applications for Brightwave within the financial services sector.

Managing Partner, Top-50 AUM Pension Fund

Brightwave is the most impressive piece of technology I've seen this year. Our team is in Brightwave all the time — it's the ultimate tool for getting at the core issues for any investment decision. It enables us to cover more sectors, more comprehensively.

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