Our Mission

       We are on a mission to transform the way humans understand the world, starting with the $23 trillion financial services industry.

We Solve the Hard Problems First

Brightwave’s founders have created LLM technologies that transformed industries. Our team builds secure, never-fail systems that operate on planet-scale data.


Tokens generated per second
Language Models
& Finance Infrastructure

Our Investors Are Leaders in
Finance & AI

Brightwave is funded by investors with deep expertise in AI and finance. Our seed round was led by Decibel Partners and includes participation from Point72 Ventures, Moonfire, and angels including executives from OpenAI, Databricks, Uber, and LinkedIn.

$6 Million

Seed Funding
by Visionaries

We Hire Incredible People

We believe in small teams of exceptional humans. Brightwave’s founding team includes NeurIPS-published research engineers and Apache PMC members  alongside talent from Meta and Goldman Sachs.

25+ Years

Production AI & Machine Learning Experience


A pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, Mike established and led open-source LLM engineering at Databricks where he created Dolly, the language model that showed the world how easy it is to build LLMs that can talk and reason.

Founder & CEO
Mike conover

Mike has built AI systems and products for more than 15 years, including tours of duty at Workday as Director of Financials Machine Learning, SkipFlag (acquired by Workday) and LinkedIn. He has a Ph.D. in complexity science from Indiana University, and his work has been featured in Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TechCrunch, Hacker News, Nature Communications, MIT Technology Review, and NPR.

Prior to Brightwave, Brandon served as CTO of LedgerX — a federally regulated derivative exchange and clearinghouse that matches and clears trades for some of the largest institutional asset managers in the world.

Founder & CTO
Brandon KOTARA

In addition to operating mission-critical finance infrastructure, Brandon also has deep expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. As technical lead for Workday’s machine learning for human capital management, Brandon oversaw the creation of semantic search systems operating at the scale of hundreds of millions of documents. His first deep learning patent was filed in 2018.

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Careers at Brightwave

Exceptional outcomes start with exceptional people. We're seeking passionate, opinionated builders who are ready to create the next era of AI systems.