How Brightwave is Rewriting the Rules of Financial Research

June 11, 2024
How Brightwave is Rewriting the Rules of Financial Research
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At Brightwave, we’re spearheading a revolution in financial research with cutting-edge AI technology, transforming how we understand and interact with complex global systems, starting with the financial sector.

Our daily lives are governed by complex systems that are often beyond human comprehension. From climate change and epidemics to economic fluctuations, these processes shape our society's history. However, due to our limited ability to integrate and process vast amounts of information, we often struggle to make informed decisions about these critical systems.

For the past 25 years, the widespread adoption of the Internet has enabled large-scale data aggregation and analysis, significantly advancing our ability to understand and act on these complex systems. However, until recently, the ability to leverage these advancements was limited to organizations with considerable resources. Only these entities could afford the necessary teams of data scientists and machine learning engineers to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data.

For instance, during my tenure at LinkedIn, we conducted a study published in Nature Communications that demonstrated the relationship between a global network of over 500 million job transitions and next-quarter S&P500 market cap changes. This massive project, which took years and immense computational power, represents just a fraction of what investment research teams strive to achieve daily.

We’re witnessing a transformative shift with the advent of language models — specifically, compound AI systems that use language models to handle complicated reasoning tasks step by step. These advanced AI systems can process and analyze much larger volumes of data than a human ever could. They quickly connect the dots across different types of information, providing more comprehensive and timely insights.

At Brightwave, we leverage these language models to enhance human decision-making. Instead of simply collecting and summarizing data, our AI systems understand and interpret vast amounts of information, helping financial professionals make more informed choices.

A Partner in Thought for Financial Professionals

Our commitment at Brightwave is to build an AI system that serves as a force multiplier for human intelligence. Our platform brings together key information related to investment decisions, combining qualitative and quantitative insights from a wide range of sources. This empowers investment professionals to see around corners and connect dots that others might miss.

Our unique product design focuses on creating living documents. These reports allow users to drill into granular details, verify evidence for any claim and deepen their chain of thought. Unlike traditional search indexes or language models, Brightwave functions like a magnifying glass or a telescope, bringing both macro and micro-level details into clear focus.

Why Brightwave?

Historically, building a data artifact like the LinkedIn Economic Graph required creating a multibillion-dollar consumer internet company. Today, thanks to language models, we can construct a knowledge graph that captures the global economy's structure in precise detail, sourcing information from patents, podcast transcripts, public internet content, congressional records and more.

Brightwave enables financial professionals to accelerate their research workflows, improve investment theses and step into every interaction prepared with a sophisticated view. With assets under management totaling more than $120 billion, our growing customer base spans diverse funds, firms and strategies, from owner-operated RIAs to $20 billion crossover hedge funds.

"Brightwave is the most impressive piece of technology I’ve seen this year. Our team is in Brightwave all the time — it’s the ultimate tool for getting at the core issues for any investment decision. It enables us to cover more sectors more comprehensively.”

— Managing Partner, Top 50 Global AUM Pension Fund

If you’re a financial professional looking to enhance your research capabilities and make smarter investment decisions, Brightwave is here to partner with you. Request a demo today and experience the future of financial research firsthand.

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Join Our Team

We’re tackling numerous open research problems in applied machine learning and artificial intelligence, particularly in designing systems that reveal their thought processes in a trustworthy and useful manner. Our team of engineers and finance experts brings deep expertise in AI, natural language processing, distributed systems, financial analysis and finance infrastructure.

We are assembling a high-performing team of exceptional individuals driven to create something remarkable. If you’re passionate about transforming financial research and eager to be part of a groundbreaking project, we invite you to join us. Together, we can create a system that truly enhances human understanding and decision-making in the financial world.